Bug fix

Published by: Aryal

All backups have been deleted to avoid problems at start. Improvment
  • The position of the player is saved on the desert terrain.
  • Quest sub-objectives that are finished are visible in green in the quest log.
  • Slight change in the explanations of the tutorial.
  • Life bars, Mana etc. who are in the world are no longer recognized by the mouse, this will sometimes avoid having problems for activating spells or interacting with elements on the terrain.
  • Reduced time to deleat a character.
Bug :
  • AoE (Area of effect) falling from the sky such as Pillar of Frost and Meteor are created correctly at the location indicated on the ground.
  • The bug which prevented sometimes from using your spells without any reason as well as clicking on NPCs has been fixed.
  • The first load of the game puts correct shortcuts for movement and sprinting.