Bug fix

Published by: Aryal

Improvement :
  • In the inventory, the object comparator is automatically activate if you have an item equiped.
  • Achievements are visible on the right with a small button, making it easy for you to get more information.
  • The bonuses for achievements are more visible.
  • For the camera tutorial you have to turn the camera and no longer just use the button.
  • For the running tutorial you have to run a certain distance while running and no longer just use the button.
  • The talent tree is hidden by a padlock if you do not yet have the number of Ortharion fragments necessary to unlock it.
  • Debuff - Weakened Armor: Instead of removing defense from your opponent, you increase the damage it takes.
Bug fix:
  • Tutorial: spells level improvement is correctly obtained with 5 Ortharion fragments.
  • In the class wheel the prowler at his correct translation.
  • When you change terrain while in combat, you exit combat mode correctly.
  • The language is correctly saved when you change from the icons in the main menu.
  • If the player has not retrieved the quest to kill the desert boss, the prison of fire prevents them from approaching.
  • The change of shortcuts on automatic object pickup is correctly taken into account.