Biomass 1.01 update (includes 32 bit support)

Community Announcements
There was a stealth patch update with most of these changes yesterday, and there's been an additional one today with a couple more assorted fixes (including 32 bit support). I want to take the opportunity to thank the people reporting these bugs in the discord server and the steam discussions. You guys have been going to so much effort to try to convey to me how the bugs were happening and its helped immensely in sorting them out. You're helping me make the game the best it could be and I'm very appreciative of that. As a thank you I will add new content in each numbered patch. Second decimal place updates (like this one right here, adding .01) will have smaller content updates, but first decimal place updates are going to include at least one new quest. Very excited for the first of these bigger updates. but even though this is a second decimal update there is a lot to get through, so here we go: Patch notes: - Added new basic item: Symbiotic Catalyst. A little friend you can equip in your item slot that when used will give you a basic streak charge (full charge if you already have a basic streak charge). Can be used 3 times before running out - will automatically recharge when in the vicinity of a workstation. If you are continuing your game, you will get a message with some info when resuming your game after the update, and you can then check your inventory for it. On a new game, you will find it naturally near the beginning of the game. - Music and Sound Effect volume controls: You can now scale the volume for music and sfx separately from the options screen. - Biomass excess spawning: Deaths occuring because of natural hazards will now always generate their excess next to the workstation you last synced to. - Balance changes: Level ups have been scaled to give better stats in earlier levels. Tech Skill(Melee scaling) and Mech Knowledge(Gun scaling) now work on an additive basis, hopefully making them less broken on later levels. - Posed Gun behaviour changes: Guns like the shotgun and broken welder that are used in a posed manner arent forced to the initial direction when drawn, will now change sides like normal. - Added post game boss and unlockable item. - Created a 32 bit version of the game. - Lots of general balancing for mods, weapons, enemies, etc. Fixes: - Fixed all currently reported soft locks. - Fixed boss that would get stuck in his own grass to ignore its collision. - Assorted sprite fixes. - Removed all reported invisible ladders. - Fixed achievement for boss that would not trigger it depending on how it was killed. - Fixed some unclimbable ground. - Assorted other fixes. Additional Notes: - There's still sometimes some camera issue where it might get stuck when jumping off elevators. Have a fair idea why this is being caused and hope to fix it in the next patch. Try to avoid jumping off elevators after immediately triggering them for now.