Beta and roadmap

Published by: Aryal

The purpose of this update is to improve the game content, the diversities of gameplay offered to the player, improve the user experience. You have the roadmap for the rest of the development at the end.

Adding content

  • New classes playable with a new interface, the number of 1st evolution classes is 9, the number of 2nd evolution classes is 27.
  • 12 new spells, which correspond to the 1st class evolution.
  • 8 new epic torsos, which correspond to the 1st class evolution.
  • New stats, chance to take critical hits and bonuses for all spell categories.
  • The hidden chests have been replaced by fragments of Ortharion. they can be recovered with puzzles or passing traps
  • Those fragments are necessary to unlock certain levels of play which are listed below:
  • 5 fragments: spells improvement.
  • 10 Fragments: epic item unlocked.
  • 15 Fragments: spells rank improvements.
  • 20 Fragments: 1st class evolution.
  • 25 Fragments: Equipment with in-huntable gems.
  • 30 Fragments: Skill tree.
  • 35 Fragments: 2nd class evolution.
  • 40 Fragments: Legendary item unlocked.
  • Certain spells with 0 seconds cast time can be cast even if other spells are already in use, such as absorption shield.
  • Gems and sockets available, from the moment you have 25 Ortharion fragments you can find gems and equipment with sockets.
  • 11 gems have been added, new gems will be created later.
  • 8 new achievements linked to the Ortharion fragment
  • Additions of 2 terrains, Ortharion quests and fragments have been added but many changes will still take place, this is not their final version.


  • The old epic chest spell that makes absorption shield active in the event of a hit is available instead on the belt slots.
  • Magic Projectile also receives the spell category "incantation".

Improved playing comfort

  • Item comparator, This is a very classic comparator, for the moment it just tells you if the object has a better rarity, if the rarity is the same it also compares the level of objects.
  • Information on the map, they show you the changes of places, terrain. They can also show you certain quest locations.
  • Speak directly to a NPC again when you return a quest and a new non-hidden quest is available.
  • When a weapon or armor collected on the ground or as a quest reward is created and sent to the player's bag, a small green outline appears to identify it more easily.
  • When the player has an enemy in focus and casts a spell, the position becomes the enemy's position, otherwise it is the ground as it was before.
  • Improvement of the graphics of the damage texts, several renderings are carried out, which should make the reading of the damage easier when a large number of damage is displayed, new changes will take place thereafter.
  • Freezing and stunning effects now have graphic effects that make frozen and stunned people easily recognizable.

Bugs fix

  • Spell scrolls can no longer be dragged into the action bar.
  • You can no longer learn state spells more than once.
  • Items with an image on a white background when reloading the game have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that increased attack speed.
  • It is now possible to gain several levels at the same time if a success makes gain a lot of experience.
  • Bug fixes when the player tried to learn a spell with scrolls with stacking numbers greater than 1.
  • Fixed a bug that did not give items as a random quest reward on very rare occasions.


  • The updated version allows about 8 to 10 hours of playing time, with much more diversity than the last update, the added content mainly concerns players who play more than 2 hours, I am talking about the 'added gems and first class evolutions.
  • The roadmap present here can be change, elements can be added or others to be removed.

January 2020

  • Skill trees
  • Terrain improvement: Desert, The tops, Mountain Brigand.
  • New fragments of Ortharion recoverable with secret passages or areas with traps or moving platforms.

February 2020

  • Addition of 2 outdoor terrains with 2 indoor terrains.
  • The game will then be blocked at this level in terms of adventure and I would only add content to improve the diversity of the gameplay, the second part of the main frame will therefore be available for the final version.
  • Final version of the game interface.

March 2020

  • Legendary items with set and spells, legendary item can have epic or legendary spells.
  • Added new secret passages.
  • Choice of second evolution classes available.

April 2020

  • Increased number of enemies
  • Improved AI
  • Enemies and Boss will have some new spells

May 2020 Release

  • Passage from 10 to 21 terrains.
  • Addition of many secret passages with an increase in possibilities on the talent tree.
  • 27 classes playable with each at least 2 specific spells and 1 specific item, I remind you it is a question of having slight variations of game, nothing comparable with other games with classes.
  • Approximately 150 spells, each spell having access to 5 runes, some runes being specific to certain spells.
  • 2 epic and 1 legendary items for each type of equipment.
  • 30+ equipment gems, the purpose of these gems is primarily to increase player stats.