Barony: Legends & Pariahs - Press Release

December 27, 2019 mistersneak Community Announcements

Party with Monsters in Indie RPG "Barony"

Quirky co-op roguelike lets you be the bad boy in the group with new DLC

Seattle, Washington - 12-27-2019: Turning Wheel LLC, independent game developer December 27th, 2019 -- International team Turning Wheel LLC has launched new DLC for their hidden-gem first-person co-op roguelike RPG, Barony. The DLC pack, called Legends & Pariahs was released on December 27th for PC, Mac and Linux with cross-platform play on Steam. The new content lets players adventure as four classic and exotic fantasy races as well as four new classes with new abilities. These classes also showcase new content that will be available to all owners of Barony. It's not exactly Skyrim with friends -- But it is one-of-a-kind as a first-person roguelike RPG with cooperative play. Barony is styled after classic CRPGs, and with co-op It's like playing D&D with your buddies... with an exceptionally cruel dungeon master.

"We were hungry for a first-person dungeon-crawler we could play with our friends, something that delivered on what we imagined during pen and paper RPG sessions around the table." - Josiah Colborn, Turning Wheel LLC

As a labor of love, the game has received several free content updates since its original release. 2019 sees the game's first paid DLC, offering alternative ways to play as monster races with the *Myths & Outcasts DLC*, followed up now by *Legends & Pariahs*. Josiah explains that players who own the DLC can play with anyone who doesn't, letting players form parties of many classes and races however it suits their fancy. Arriving in Legends & Pariahs are the new races and classes, each with an optional signature class (which is also playable as a human!):
  • The Goblin Shaman
  • The Incubus Punisher
  • The Automaton Mechanist
  • The Insectoid Hunter
Each brings with them new game mechanics, some of which are available to everyone who owns Barony including a complete overhaul of the Lockpicking skill into the Tinkering skill, allowing players to build game-changing traps, and new specialized ammo quivers, providing great new options for anyone who uses ranged combat, such as silver arrows and fire arrows. If you love lurking through dungeons, either by yourself or friends, it's a great time to get into Barony. It's available on Steam. The DLC Myths & Outcasts is already available for purchase now on Steam as well. Check out the launch trailer for Legends & Pariahs here and purchase Legends & Pariahs on Steam. __________________ Presskit: