Barony Free Weekend on Steam, Kickstarter Launch!

July 30, 2020 mistersneak Community Announcements
Turning Wheel LLC is excited to announce that Barony is now available on the Epic Games Store (EGS). We want players to enjoy Barony on whatever platform they prefer, and we have integrated Crossplay into Barony, allowing Steam and EGS users to play together! To celebrate this release, Barony is having a FREE WEEKEND on Steam starting today. The game will be available on sale for 50% off during this time. This accompanies the Barony giveaway week that EGS is hosting. Hopefully you'll find lots of new people to play with. If you want some help arranging a game, please join our Discord community. All new players will be greeted with the Hall of Trials update, hot off the production line. This should make it a lot easier for everybody to get used to the game mechanics and dive straight into fun dungeon runs.

There has never been a better time to get into Barony!

We've simultaneously launched our Kickstarter for the Nintendo Switch version of Barony. This Kickstarter will add great features for Barony on ALL platforms, and we could really use your support! Check out the Kickstarter, pledge, and tell your friends! Check out our press release on Gamasutra. Want more information about what went into the Crossplay and Hall of Trials update? Read Wall of Justice's post on our devblog.