Announcing Fuchian Chronicles!

November 18, 2021 ShenTzu Games Community Announcements
Announcing Fuchian Chronicles, a remake of Space Fox Kimi! I know I previously stated that I would like to make a sequel, but after looking at Space Fox Kimi again, I decided that doing a remake first would be best. Space Fox Kimi is my first game as a developer, and it definitely shows. Since the sequel will be heavily impacted by the events of the first game, I would hate it if players were turned off from playing the sequel because of how rough the original is. I’d like to make it a feature where your choices in the first game affect part of the sequel, so having a more polished first game will help a lot there too. Don’t worry though, it won’t be a pure remake. In addition to significant graphical improvements and a new combat system, I will be tweaking the story as well. Many of the original plot points will still be there, but there will also be additional story bits to expand on the universe and background. Another thing I should note about Fuchian Chronicles is that it’ll be released episodically in Early Access. This so I can get more feedback and help in playtesting so there won’t be another game breaking bug that I missed for years (again, my apologies for that). I’m still a solo developers and don’t have the resources/connections to playtest the game extensively, so your help in doing so is greatly appreciated. The price of the game will increase gradually as more chapters are released, but they won’t be sold separately. This means that if you buy the game early on, you will get the full game at a significant discount as my thanks for supporting me while the game is in development. Please read the Early Access notes in the store page for more details. Barring any real life issues, I’m planning to release the Prologue and Chapter One early to mid-December 2021. I hope you enjoy the game, and thank you for your support!