Announcements : New story coming soon and the end of two things.

Published by: Dev Mia

“Mermaid Coralie ~ Love and Madness” coming soon.

A brief, multiple endings, erotic story, inspired by the Little Mermaid, is coming soon on Steam! (The store page should be up during next week.) Speaking of adult-only stories…

The Adult-Only stories’ end.

“Mermaid Coralie ~ Love and Madness” will be my last erotic/Adult-Only story. While these stories do give me more $$$ than the “All Age” ones, I really don’t like/feel comfortable writing them. They are not my cup of tea and I don’t want to “pump short XXX stories out” every month for a quick buck. Also, I’m pretty sure my writing skills for the sex scenes sucks. Speaking of quick money…

The DLCs’ end.

Money was the reason I keep releasing lot of DLCs. Since the base game, mostly the All-Age stories, would not give a ton of $$$, and the DLCs sales give me some more, I keep putting them out. While some are justifiable, like the “Reverse Me!” trilogy, or the 18+ version for “Shantalia and Corali’hulu”, others aren’t. So, starting with “Mermaid Coralie ~ Love and Madness”, there won’t be any more DLCs!