Published by: Aryal

As a reminder, the game will not be released on April 20 as it was planned but will be delayed, let's say to be wide between 1 to 2 months normally, even if nothing is sure. I would remind you that my goal is mainly to improve the quality of the first hours of play: currently up to the Granock cave, including the Granock forest, or about 2 hours of play time. The rest is still playable. In order then my priorities will be:
  • bug fixes and bad design on all terrains.
  • Added spells on certain bosses and monsters.
  • Added missing spells for the player.
  • Added build with: runes / Talents / new epic and legendary items from the latest classes.
  • Addition of high level content: procedural dungeons and arena which are already partially implemented.
  • Polish with more work on the terrains.
To develop everything and always be more motivated I need your support:
  • Come participate in the community by giving me your feedback on bugs or what could be improved.
  • Put a positive review for the game if you like it! we are at 8/10 to have a visible positive evaluation and therefore an improvement in visibility on the store page!
Thank you all for the feedback I have received up to now and which is becoming more and more often !