Altwaldheim 2: Town in Trouble

Published Fri, 17 Mar 2023 17:41:38 GMT

[b]We are proud to finally announce Altwaldheim 2: Town in Trouble. [/b] It has been almost three years since I released Altwaldheim 1 back in 2020. So what happened in the last few years? It has been quite a journey. As you probably guessed, the big C-word also affected me. I finished my studies and had no idea what to do now in these weird, isolated times. So, I did the only logical thing: We founded the company Ascendancy Games. Our goal is to create engaging and fun games surrounding the world of Nerus, to which Altwaldheim also belongs. Our games are easy to learn and understand but hard to master. We also started developing the sequel. Altwaldheim 2 revamps and reworks many aspects of the first game. It also adds new features, like a real-time auto-battle system, in which up to thousands of enemies fight each other until one army remains. Or new custom music, done by the great Jan Pfitzer. Check out the demo! And please wishlist and follow the game! It is available in German and English. I would like to thank everybody that played the first Altwaldheim and gave valuable feedback. I hope you will enjoy the sequel as well! We also have social media. I heard that is something you need these days. Discord: Twitter: Feel free to contact us any time. I will also keep an eye on the steam forum. Have fun! [i]Ludlus [/i] tldr: New game Altwaldheim 2. Check out the demo! And don't forget to wishlist!