Add live wallpaper mode

Figure Workshop

《Figure Workshop> is a virtual Figure maker,which generate by MMD model and motion.It can customize materials and expressions of figures, and there are also several interesting scenes for photography.

[h1] [b] Live desktop mode [/b] [/h1] The entrance is on the left side with the "Live Wallpaper" button [img] [/img] [list] [*] Desktop expansion mode [/list] [img] [/img] You can zoom the desktop to a virtual scene and then decorate your room with figures. Can be switched at any time through the tray icon [img] [/img] The desktop will also refresh in real-time in virtual scenes, whether you are currently watching movie or playing games. [list] [*] Wallpaper mode [/list] [img] [/img] This mode is a live wallpaper embedded in the desktop, Imitating the holographic figure of the cyberpunk era. Click on the figure to switch to "Dance" mode, and MMD animation can be played on the desktop. [img] [/img]