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7/28/2021 Maintenance

July 28, 2021 CosmicBreak Universal Official Community Announcements
CosmicBreak Universal underwent maintenance today, July 28th, 2021. Please see the details of the update below.

CHAOS Battle Added!

A new CHAOS Battle, Return from Hades!, has been implemented! Get started by speaking to Misty Hollow in the Central Area! New prizes have been added to the Chaos Coin Exchange.

Newly Added Chaos Coin Exchange Prizes

Challenge Campaign

A limited time campaign will be held in commemoration of the launch of Return from Hades! Participate in the campaign and reap some awesome rewards! Campaign Details -Players may join the battle at any time during the campaign period from the Event Battle sectionof the Arena. -Upon successfully completing the battle, players will receive one (1) additional ChaosCoin. -Upon successfully completing the battle, one of the following items will randomly drop as areward!

Prize Lineup

Campaign Period From 7/28/2021 (UTC) until 8/4/2021 (UTC) maintenance.

Bug Fixes

-Fixed an additional issue causing 1v1 Team Fights not to end correctly. -Fixed an issue in which Ion Alpha BD@'s "REFUEL WATER" could not be used when ammo was at 0. -This ability will now be able to used when Ion is near water following this maintenance. -Fixed an issue in which the following change to Chivalry Claymore from the 7/7/2021 Balance Adjustments had not beencorrectly implemented: Melee Tracking Range Increased -Fixed an issue in which Chivalry Claymore's stun rate had become higher than intended following the 7/7/2021maintenance. Thank you for playing CosmicBreak Universal.