04.23 Fixed

Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion

Hero's Adventure:Road to Passion is a wuxia open-world RPG. You will commence your journey as an underdog in the tumultuous Martial World and will be met with a wide array of choices as you navigate your own heroic saga.

V1.1.0422b61 Patch Note: [Adjustments] 1、Epic external manual “Sea Serpent’s Deadly Sting” can be stolen from the leader of Sea Serpent Gang. [Fixes] 1、Fixed an issue where certain romance characters may disappear after completing the Fish Island event. (You need to load the game to a point before going to the Fish Island and complete the event, if save files are already affected.) 2、Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances the event of sneaking into Yan Yun Iron Army to steal seal with Liu Yueying may unexpectedly close. 3、Fixed an issue where in Fish Island event poisoning Tsukuyo Sakuraha in team can cause errors to the story option. 4、Fixed an issue where triggering story event while copying martial arts in Home may cause the window unable to close.