0.74.00 Update. New Big World and End Game!

October 5, 2020 spraycanmansam | Beam Team Games Community Announcements
Hey everyone,

A new stable build (0.74.00) is up!

The new 0.74.00 update transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch, including the latest Big World update, the new End Game scenario and a heap of bug fixes and polishing. Be sure to have a read of the patch notes below if you haven’t been playing on the experimental branch. The previous stable build (0.70.02) is still available as a separate branch in your Steam settings if you need to roll back for any reason. If something does go wrong during the upgrade process please make sure to post a bug report so we can diagnose and fix the problem. For this release, the stable and experimental branches are on the same version number and feature set. Have fun :) Stay Alive! :: Beam Team --

0.72.01-0.74.00 Experimental Change Log

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Giant Crab ragdolls breaking Big World upgrader. - Fixed Anchors causing lag when deployed on a very large raft. - Fixed P2 disabling P1 cursor when opening and closing menus in local co-op. - Fixed Motion Blur effect in local co-op. - Fixed Motion Blur effect not working if TXAA disabled. - Fixed Foliage Spawner seed not re-initializing the same. - Fixed missing inventory icon for Palm Top. - Fixed being able to incorrectly select some items while held. - Fixed being able to drag some items while held.


- Added transparent checkmark to Crafting Combos that have been crafted (not retro-active). This should help track the 'Gotta Craft 'Em All' achievement.

Dev Notes

- Fixed Developer Console input field selection. - Changed Developer Console dev commands from 'devtools.testing.command' to 'dev.command'

0.70.02-0.74.00 Stable Change Log

New Features

- Added new Big World! - Added new End Game Scenario! - Added new Starting Crate unlocked by completing the end game. - Added new Sunscreen item to starting crate. - Added new Rubber Duck item to starting crate. - Added new Flashlight item to starting crate. - Added new Machete item to starting crate. - Added new Carbon Speargun item to starting crate. - Added new Carbon Speargun Arrows item to starting crate.


- Changed Gyrocopter Part to only spawn on the end game carrier. - Changed end game Aircraft parts to be craftable instead of rewarded. - Added Unicode/Cyrillic support to player speech Subtitles.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Intro not waiting until all assets have loaded in. This fixes some players appearing briefly in the ocean when starting a new game. - Fixed Intro audio SFX volume not using audio settings. - Fixed Soundtracks playing in intro scene. - Fixed community maps not showing in Cartographer if any map failed to load. - Fixed Cartographer delay before displaying loading dialogue. - Fixed World Seed allowing seeds with less than 8 digits. - Significantly reduced time to verify save files. - Fixed Custom Settings not being loaded correctly (inc. gender). - Fixed Mouse/Controller movement not always being frame-rate independent. - Fixed “stored in backpack” Notification accumulating when crafting many items. - Fixed World Zones not aborting loading if player leaves before zone is finished loading. Depending on the complexity of the previous zone, a player could be well into another zone before the previous zone has been unloaded and the current zone starts loading.. - Fixed Flock Audio not allowing other sound effects to play. - Fixed Flock Audio not updating position when flocks migrate out. - Fixed Flocks not appearing when travelling to new islands. - Changed World Barrier visuals. - Improved Impostors. Changed zone objects to load from the outer edges first. Note: Some billboards might not load in as intended until the zone is resaved by either leaving the zone or saving and reloading the game. - Fixed some Foliage remaining semi-dithered (faded) after loading a zone. - Fixed Crab ambient Audio SFX playing on load when stored in inventory. - Fixed Watch vital icons not continuing to flash after dismissing initial warning. - Fixed Roofs not showing construction meter.

Known Issues

- Shadow Flickering is present on very far islands. We have a fix in the works that will be patched shortly…